Abacus home
Two year old's are so special at Abacus they are cared for on both floors. Depending on their individual needs, they may be based upstairs or downstairs. Our natural transition time is in the September after they have turned two years old (this is when spaces become available downstairs as school leavers have left) but sometimes children may need to remain upstairs to benefit from extra nurturing or higher staff: child ratios. Sometimes children need to move downstairs earlier due to their development (especially if they have been with us upstairs since they were a few months old) and really ready for the challenges downstairs offers. We would like to share with you the following lovely poster we have about 2 year olds.... "I am 2. It's not easy. I'm realising the world no longer revolves around me like it did when I was younger. Still, life's not so terrible. It's just a bit complex and overwhelming at times. I'm trying to understand the world and my curiosity and drive sometimes look like trouble. I'm a force to be reckoned with, a busy brain on the go. (Don't underestimate me)".