Abacus home
In September our toddlers who have already turned two years of age, move downstairs to the Toddler and Pre-school room from the Baby and Toddler Unit. We make this transition as smooth as possible with a designated member of staff from the Baby and Toddler Unit moving downstairs with the children each year. Children begin visiting downstairs from January as spaces allow. This is initially done with their key person for a circle time or play, then in short lengths of time on their own leading up to staying for lunch and then for the whole session. We build on their confidence with their own belongings coming down with them and a special suitcase peg logo 'I am visiting today'. A key person is allocated early to all the children visiting ready for September so that we ensure continuity. The key persons on each floor liase about the child, plan activities for them and carry out observations. These procedures are all essential in making our children feel secure. Expectations are higher in the Toddler and Pre-school room and we ask parents to help prepare their children for this transition. Please see our ideas for supporting your child.