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Our Baby and Toddler Unit team

All our staff have been specially selected for their relevant childcare qualifications, experience and most importantly, possessing a genuine love for children. They understand the importance of providing a safe, stimulating and fun-filled environment, in a home-from-home atmosphere. Abacus Nursery values its staff highly.

We feel that it is in the interest of the children placed in our care that every opportunity be given to every staff member to develop their knowledge and skills in childcare. All staff  attend regular training, to update their skills in childcare practices and keep abreast of current legislation.

Our key person system gives each member of staff particular responsibilty for just a few children. During 'settling in sessions' the key person completes paperwork with parents to ensure we meet the needs of every child attending Abacus and can respond sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour. With this information we can ensure we are providing the very best care, support and stimulation to help them develop and most importantly have fun. The keyperson will then continue to observe, record, gain feedback from the rest of the staff team to ensure each child's needs are continually being met. Reports and parent chats allows keypersons to share information with each child's parents during their time with us.



Stacey is currently doing some Keep in Touch days whilst on Maternity leave. She is returning full time in January 2018. Stacey holds a Level 3 Early Years qualification in Children's care, learning and development Early Years (2009). Stacey started with us in November 2013 In Ruth and Sara's absence, Stacey is in charge of the nursery. Stacey is our 'Tapestry champion'(on-line children's journals).


Alicia joined us in May 2017 as our Maternity cover Deputy to cover Stacey's post. She holds a Foundation Degree in Arts (Early Childhood Studies)and has been a supervisor of a Baby room at another nursery for 5 years.


Athena started with us in January 2015.She is currently on maternity leave until May 2018. She holds a Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Children's Care, Learning and Development (2009). She is an experienced practitioner within a Baby and Toddler unit and her happy, smiley face everyday is a real boost to our team. Athena is responsible for all food allergies for the upstairs children to ensure all individual needs are monitored carefully. Athena is the 'Champion' for Expressive Arts and Design. This means she promotes this Area of Learning in all we do for the babies and toddlers and is responsible for laying up the Expressive Arts and Design room. She is also the 'champion' for English as an Additional Language. Athena holds a First Aid qualification.


Nursery Practitioner

Level 3

Nursery Practitioner in the Baby and Toddler Unit. Teresa joined Abacus in 2011 and has always worked in our Baby and Toddler unit. She holds an NVQ 3 in Early Years Care and Education (2006. )She has grown up children of her own and grandchildren, which brings a wealth of experience to her role. Teresa is responsible for promoting a different song of the month with the youngest children as she is passionate about extending babies love of singing and new vocabulary. Communication and language is promoted at every opportunity at Abacus. Teresa is also responsible for the replenishing of the 'art trolley' as we ensure the same wide choice of creative activities are available to the babies to help them develop their expressive arts and design skills from an early age.Teresa is the 'Champion' for Literacy. This means she promotes this Area of Learning for the babies and toddlers. See our link to 'What to expect, when?' document for more information on the Areas of Learning. She is also the 'champion' for mark making for boys.


Nursery Practitioner/support supervisor

Level 3

Louise joined Abacus in 2008 as a very experienced practitioner. She holds a CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education (2003). She became the toddler and pre-school supervisor in 2010 and went on maternity leave in September 2013 to have her first baby, who now attends on the days Louise works but on the opposite floor to her to ensure equality for all children. As her son has grown up and made the transition to downstairs Louise has made the move up to the Baby and Toddler unit. She is a very dedicated member of the team. She is calm and collected, which is an excellent role model to both the team and children. Team work is outstanding at Abacus and we have a fantastic group of staff who are all highly committed to providing an outstanding nursery for all the children who attend.Louise is First Aid trained. She is the 'Champion' for Understanding the World. This means she will ensure we focus on this Area of Learning in all we do for the toddlers and pre-schoolers.


Andreia joined us in January 2017. She is Level 3 qualified. Andreia's first language is Portuguese but her English is amazing ! She has lots of experience working in a variety of city and rural nurseries. She moved upstairs in June 2017 as part of our robust induction to ensure all aspects of nursery are experienced.


Nursery Practitioner

Level 3

Lisa joined Abacus in 2008 and achieved her NVQ level 3 qualification in Childrens Care, Learning and Development in 2009. She moved upstairs to the Baby and Toddler Unit in May 2014 to enhance her own personal development and share her lovely nature with the youngest children at Abacus. She is extremely conscientious and hard working. She is also responsible for monthly fire evacuation drills at the nursery as part of her Fire Officer role. Involving children in how to keep themselves safe is very important at Abacus.

Lisa is a 'Champion' for Personal, Social and Emotional Development. This means she ensures all staff promote this Area of Learning in all they do with the Babies and Toddlers. Lisa holds a First Aid certificate.