Abacus home
Parents play such an important role in supporting children moving from upstairs to downstairs and from nursery to school. Even if you are anxious about either transition please hide this from your child. They pick up on your feelings. The office door is always open for you to share your concerns. Be positive and prepare your child at home with independence skills. On moving downstairs your child will be expected to use a knife and fork to eat lunch, serve themselves their second helpings. They will develop how to recognise their first name to self register and find their mealtime place setting. They will be encouraged to wipe their own nose, bottom and develop their independence in all aspects of personal hygiene. By doing everything for your child, they are not developing the skills to make rapid progress in all these essential self care skills. We hold annual Parents Evenings to share our experience about the transition into school and how best to help but it is all about Personal, Social and Emotional Development first and foremost and the learning and education part will follow. If a child is happy, can share, take turns and manage their own behaviour well, they will make friends easily and thrive at school.