Abacus home
Outdoor play is such an important part of everyday life at Abacus nursery, whatever the weather, all year round. Our staff are committed to promoting fresh air and exercise for toddlers and pre-school children throughout the day but equally understand the valuable learning opportunities the outdoor area provides and plan to ensure children enjoy the benefits of this area daily. The pre-school children also benefit from Forest School, which is a way of learning about the great outdoors. It promotes children’s understanding of the environment and develops life skills. It is challenging and exciting and promotes children participating in more risky play and learning how to keep themselves safe. Pre-school children also enjoy participating in specific sports skills with a sports coach who visits the nursery to work with our staff in helping to develop key skills for children in the term before school.
The rear play area is extremely safe, secure and fully enclosed. The garden is split into two sections. One area (butterfly garden) has a soft , all weather Astroturf  surface, the other is a recently obtained garden with a lawn (bumble bee garden) . This new garden is currently being enjoyed for the summer, with minimal alterations but we have plans to re-develop this area.  In the interim period we have made a large sand pit for children to play in, a stage area, digging section of soil and a playhouse. A large, fitted awning provides shade and protection. Inside learning is enjoyed outside in the fresh air, with the wide range of toys and resources. In addition, large outside equipment such as climbing frame, wheeled toys, tunnels, bats and balls, which promote children’s large motor skills are also enjoyed. Physical development is a prime area of learning, which is promoted at every opportunity and extended to challenge older, more able children.
The driveway is also used as valuable outside play space as it can be fully enclosed using the large wooden gates. Children enjoy this space for sit and ride toys, large group play such as parachute games and gardening. There are raised beds for planting and growing to develop children’s understanding of the world. This links their knowledge through play to growing, life cycles, caring for living things, seasons and healthy eating. 
Abacus Nursery also promotes outings to the local park and walks with parental consent. This enables children to experience different equipment, challenges and experiences than we have on site. These valuable outings are a chance to develop children’s understanding of the world around them, including being part of their immediate community.