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We wanted to share with you our lovely posters which sum up our children.... "I am 3. I am not built to sit still, keep my hands to myself, take turns, be patient, stand in line, or keep quiet. I need motion, I need novelty, I need adventure, and I need to engage the world with my whole body. (Let me Play)" "I am 4. I'm a smooth talking, agile, and observant seeker of adventure. I'm kind of a know-it-all, as in I want to know it all. I have more questions in me than you have answers. I'm perceptive enough to sense this can frustrate you, but please don't discount my inquisitiveness. (Challenge me)" Aren't they lovely ? We are passionate about children at Abacus Nursery and planning our activities and expectations to what we know about children and their individual needs.