Abacus home
Ruth and Sara are based in the office. On two days per week they work together. The office always has an 'open door' policy to parents and children (and staff !). We welcome all of the above coming to see us. Children are regular visitors to the office to show us their proud achievements, run errands to build on their self-esteem, or to just walk through and on doing so talk about their lovely hats, new shoes etc; Parents are alerted to the two different roles of Ruth and Sara. As the owner, Ruth deals with all the financial side of the nursery and Sara deals with the day to day running of the nursery, regarding the EYFS and staff. Ruth and Sara are supported by their deputy Stacey. In their absence she is in charge. If any parent has a financial query we ask that they contact Ruth in person or by email. Ruth and Sara are very involved in all discussions with parents regarding individual children and are a huge part of the nursery routine. They are passionate about the nursery and striving to be outstanding.