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We greatly value our Partnership with Parents and strive to keep parents well informed about our policies and procedures and of course their individual children's progress and development. We have a variety of noticeboards and displays to inform parents of general information along with monthly newsletters. We have a variety of open days, social events and parents evenings to build on our positive partnership. We have recently stopped our termly 'parent chats' between each child's key person and parents to talk about children's progress and identify next steps. This is because so much developmental information is shared on a daily basis now by using 'Tapestry'.In addition to these parents can speak to staff (including management) at any time. We have 'communication books' to share sensitive information (behaviour etc) with parents without children overhearing. This ensures a consistent approach in how we all deal with more challenging times in a child's development. Nothing phases us and we can overcome and work through anything. We support parents with children who have Special Educational Needs. Together we agree Individual Educational Plans (IEP's)to support children's specific needs. We also attend meetings to support the family. We keep on-line developmental records in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and share these accordingly with parents, welcoming two way interaction. In addition we have 'post-natal' chats with parents who have had a new baby. We offer these at around 6 weeks of the babies arrival. It gives us a chance to check all is ok with the older child following a new baby and offer extra support as required.