Abacus home
Mealtimes (breakfast, lunch and tea) at Abacus Nursery are two-fold. We understand nutrition is obviously very important but here at Abacus we also value the importance of children developing good social skills through the spontaneous learning that happens during these very important times in a child’s daily routine.
Our fully trained Cook prepares and home-cooks every meal on site in our nursery kitchen, using fresh ingredients wherever possible. Each winter and summer menu on a four week rota, is carefully planned to ensure each day healthy, nutritious, well balanced meals are provided. Consideration is taken to ensure children experience a range of textures and flavours to develop a child’s taste whilst at the same time developing the muscles in their mouth, which helps with speech development. We ask that babies under one year of age have their food provided by parents to ensure that whilst they are tasting new foods for the first time they do this in their home environment in case of an allergic reaction, promoting good health. Babies’ bottles and food from home are carefully labelled using a clear ID system and stored in the milk -kitchen fridge. Home routines regarding feeds are carefully adhered to until babies and toddlers are ready to follow the nursery routine. Babies and toddlers are given regularly drinks of water throughout the day and as soon as they can manage, they have easy access to their individual sports bottles of water so they are always well hydrated. We work in partnership with parents to cater for special diets.
Our Cook is a valuable member of our team, who until very recently has taken cookery sessions with the children to help them develop their knowledge of healthy eating and how ingredients come together to make their food. This has now been taken over by the nursery staff. She also takes a table at lunch time and works in the nursery rooms. Staff eat together with the children and model the good table manners and etiquette we expect during mealtimes, we pride ourselves on our high expectations and achievements around good behaviour and manners. These social occasions are a lovely time for conversation between children and their friends, and children and staff. We work closely with parents to support mealtime issues, which we are aware are a common area of family stress.
Babies and toddlers enjoy meals in their own dining room, with a wide range of different equipment and tools to help each stage of development, this helps them become independent in feeding themselves. Abacus Nursery promote excellent dental health by ensuring all children clean their teeth after lunch.

Sample Menu (changes summer and winter)


Selection of healthy cereals
Fresh and dried fruit
Fresh juice/milk/water


Home-made tuna, spinach and cheese pasta bake with peas
Dessert: Home-made rhubarb fool
Fresh fruit


Summer salad and mayonnaise pitta pockets
Fruit /fromage frais