Abacus home
Abacus Nursery are held in high regard in the community and have strong links with other settings and agencies. We share information with other settings children attend as well as us, so that children's individual needs can be met well. For example, if a child starts at a local pre-school we can share our knowledge of your child to help them settle at a new day care provision. We also share information with schools when children leave us as our observations of their learning styles in Early Years will help teachers in education settings know how to progress them in the early days. We have a Link Health Visitor who we work in partnership with to meet your child's health and well- being needs. We will give you a copy of the Progress check at age 2 which we carry out (in line with the EYFS between 2 - 3 years) and you can share it with your Health Visitor. An integrated health review includes a different check by the Health visitor at 2 -2.5 years of age. We love to hear how these go so we ask for two way sharing of information. We have Peer to Peer support with other nurseries. We have positive partnerships with Somerset County Council and Get Set.